Paper Cups

Paper Cup

We produce single wall and double wall cardboard cups.
90% of our production capacity in cardboard cups to foreign markets.

Cardboard cup is technically a disposable cup made of paper. It is generally known as a paper cup. It is widely used in the society due to its low chemical content, practical and quick use and particulary for healthy propreties. So, It is frequently preferred because it is very easy to use in recycling. It is considered appropriate for producers and consumers for reasons such as the cost of cardboard cups being quite affordable compared to other materials used.

They are available in different size:

2,5 Oz, 4 Oz, 6,5 Oz, 7 Oz, 8 Oz, 9 Oz, 12 Oz , 14 Oz and 16 Oz.

Ripple double wall cup, are very popular with coffee shops and restaurants but can also be used at home for events. These ripple double wall paper cups are made of high-quality paper and can hold hot liquids at 180 degrees or less.


Ice Cream bowl

Ice Cream Bowl or Cup
We supply ice cream bowls in all sizes  and color printed. For ice cream bowl features and detailed information, so,  please, contact us for ice cream bowl/cup prices.
We supply our customers who want cardboard ice cream bowls in every oz / ml in accordance with their brand identities and sell them to every world in the world.

Fried Chicken Food Bucket

Custom Fried Chicken Bucket and Popcorn boxes have come out of nowhere to be the go-to packaging for this fantastic food. With their ability to be molded into anything, custom packaging has transformed the industry! These kind of packaging had a special place in society. This packaging needs to be reflective of such an attitude. Bring colors, and exciting graphics are the perfect way to transfer that feeling. However, this has become so common. As a result, we introduce custom packaging for your one-stop-shop to all your packaging needs. With the ability to change nearly every aspect of your packaging, custom packaging lets you tell your story. It helps you distinguish yourself from others!

PLA Plastic Cup

Plastic Cup & PLA for cold drinks

Custom printed Plastic Cup . The most accurate and cheap product for cafes and fastfood restaurants in cold and ice drinks like smoothies. We supply them in all sizes 8Oz,12Oz,14Oz,16Oz,18Oz, color. As a result, Custom printed plastic cups will contribute to improve the image of your brand.

We propose also diffirent kind of lids; dome ,flat with or without hole, sip through lid.

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