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Everything is within reach. You can get our products or services for all packaging and printing products.

From Türkiye, ATLAS EXPORT offers you a wide range of products and  printing services  for all your takeaway packaging, designed by the best packaging manufacturer.

Atlas Export offers a wide range of Enironmentally friendly Food grade quality packaging products; eco friendly compostable biodegradable & recyclable takeaway packaging products such as: Paper Cups Paper Carrier Bags Kraft;  Takeaway SOS bags; Pizza boxes; paper bowls and buckets; snacks waffle & fries scoop cups; Burger & Chicken boxes; sushi & meal windowed boxes; french fries pouches; straws; bread & croissants bags and sachets; napkins; wrapping paper liner and  Non woven reusable shopping bags…etc

Best price, high quality eco-friendly and food grade materials and perfect custom designed Kraft; Bristol; CKB; greaseproof papers and several other paper options.

Custom Food & Beverage Packaging

Are you tired of looking for the best custom food packaging? Well, you can put a rest to the search party as we at ATLAS Export Packaging provides the best food & beverage packaging that are tailored to meet all your specific requirements.

Here we tailor-make boxes in all shapes and sizes. No matter you want a simple shape as a rectangle or a more intricate shape like a prism, we will manufacture it for you.

Here is a list of some custom boxes with logo we usually manufacture:

  • Double or single wall paper cups.
  • Takeaway Paper bags.
  • Compostable Plastic PLA smoothie & cold dink cups.
  • Custom Pizza box.
  • Burger and sandwich boxes.
  • Various meal boxes.
  • French fries pouch boxes & scoop cups.
  • Chinese Food and Pasta boxes, Kraft Takeaway Meal box.  
  • Fold Top Doner boxes and pastery Boxes.
  • Popcorn Boxes & buckets.
  • Biodegradable Wood Cutlery.
  • Napkins , Towels and Tissue Paper.
  • Non woven polypropylene reusable bags … and more.

Custom printed kraft and cardboard carrier bags

The advantage of paper or cardboard bag types is that you can easily get a look that is completely in harmony with your product and your needs. You can customize the cardboard bag products that you can equip with logo, design, campaign or slogan materials as you wish and make them compatible with your brand.

While we produces different cardboard bags, Paper bags, cardboard boxes, cargo boxes, labels, packaging papers, tissue papers and other products according to the needs of your brand, we offer attractive designs together with cheap prices. We offer different packages that highlight your brand and strengthen your brand communication with a wide selection of sizes, and we also provide you with free graphic design support compatible with your brand language.
By stating your designs and Paper bags needs, you can achieve an effective presentation for your customers.

Polypropylene Non-woven Bags

As people have an increasing sense of environmental protection, people are more likely to use environment-friendly materials in a different areas.

Compared to plastic bags, PP Non-woven bags are more reusable, which means more friendly to the environment.

Compared to the woven bags, they are more affordable and easy for mass manufacture.

Nonwoven PP material is made by machine, heat energy or chemical methods, polypropylene fibers are bonded together, to form porous flat sheets which are made directly from separate fibers.

Nonwoven polypropylene is a very practical fabric. It’s used in the manufacture of Non-Woven Bags because it’s strong and lightweight. According to the users, they can carry the Non-Woven Bags everywhere easily. From the perspectives of business owners, lightweight means cheap shipment cost.

Comparing to plastic bags, some other advantages of  Non-woven bags are that they are reusable, recyclable. Also, they are easy to be cleaned.

Reuse and recycle of the bags can prevent pollution to the land. When they have been recycled, they can be made into new bags.

From the energy perspective, As we mentioned above, Non-woven Reusable bags are not like Woven bags.

The ways we use to manufacture Non-woven are more energy-saving than the ways we use to produce Woven bags. For the latter one, we need to knit and weave the materials from threads to clothes, furthermore less water and electricity are used in the manufacturing process .

For business promotion, a Nonwoven polypropylene bag is a good choice.

They can be produced in different colors and printed with your company logo. If you would like to be more creative, you can provide a reversible Nonwoven polypropylene bag, putting two patterns on the two sides of the bag. Such doing can make your bags more attractive.

PP Reusable Shopping bags are very proper for daily uses like shopping. When people carry the bags with your company logo and walk outside, the goal of promotion has been perfectly achieved. It would be better if you can make the design of the bags more charming.