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Luxery Shopper Bags

Carrier Bag: Luxery cardboard Bag

A good quality custom carrier bag is what the customers prefer to take when he/she shop at a mart. The reason for that is good quality and carrier bag is strong and can hold the maximum items in it. The carrier bag that is filled with the stuff and still doesn’t break, that’s the definition of the high-quality bag. The companies must use the high quality and durable carrier bags that will bring some good customer support in the market.

The bags for life

Customers love to buy those bags that will be used for the multiple of other purposes than just to bring groceries from the market. The bags for life that are even worth buying, the customer will even be willing to spend some money on the bag on which they are assured that the bag can last some years and can actually hold some hard things for their particular daily needs and requirements.

Cardboard bag keeps brands in memory thanks to the papers selected from the outstanding paper collection. Cardboard bags contain many alternatives, from leather to fabric, with luxuriously flashy and plenty of alternative handle options.
With the unique use of gold leaf, it makes an endless contribution to the brand image while traveling like a jewel. Cardboard bag is a voluntary advertising ambassador that gives the desired message to the relevant channels in the shortest way with bright prints, with a small number of items and using different effects.

With its alternative designs and production experience in cardboard bags, Atlas exports products in desired quantities to every region of the world as well as serving the domestic market.

Kraft Paper Bags

Custom Takeaway Bags

Takeaway bags are look like paper bags in appearance but the material used is of best quality. We use polyethylene of high density and cardboard to make these bags sturdy and long lasting in use. You don’t have to get worried about maintaining its shape and quality. Because of the material being used to prepare them to make these bags give them strength. It can hold many products at a time.


Many bags which are being used nowadays is a cause of major diseases in the world. People are just making bags for the sake of money without thinking about the health of customers.  We maintain our quality and also think about the health of our customers. Materials used to manufacture takeaway bags are of the best quality and they do not cause any diseases especially cancer.

Flat handles Paper Bag

Environmentally friendly flat handle paper bags produced with a wide range of paper and color options are one of the most preferred bag types for the companies thanks to their convenience in terms of paper bag prices and elegant designs.

Product Details

  • Flat handle paper bags can be customed
  • It is advantageous as a storage area since they takes up less space than twisted handle bags.
  • Affordable flat handle paper bags are also preferred by world-famous brands, especially by the retail – food companies, they are cheaper then Twisted handle .
  • Brown Kraft, White Kraft, Recycle Brown Kraft, 70 – 90gsm paperWe produce Internal Flat Handle Paper Carrier Bags for food, restaurant, clothing, gift shop, textile and fashion industries. These bags are recyclable.Flexo Printed or unprinted, natural or colored handles are within our product range.

Min. Width: 22 cm Min. Gusset: 10 cm Min. Length: 28 cmMax. Width: 46 cm

Max. Bellows: 22 cm Max. Length: 52cm

Twisted handles Paper bags

Twisted handle paper bags offer practical use to the customer, and are one of the indispensable bag options of the brands with their modern and elegant appearance.

  • Their handles formed by twisting two layers of paper and turning it into a string are easy to hold and add an elegant design to the bag.
  • The affordable twisted handle bags are also preferred by world-famous brands, especially by the retail companies.
  • Brown Kraft, White Kraft, Brown Kraft, 90 – 110gsm paper

We produce Twisted Handle Carrier Bags for food, restaurant, gift shop, clothing, textile, and fashion industries. These bags are recyclable.

Flexo Printed or unprinted, natural or colored handles are within our product range.

Min. Width: 22 cm Min. Gusset: 8 cm Min. Height: 30cm

Max. Width: 54 cm Max. Gusset: 20 cm Max. Length: 70cm



They are disposable bags or paper bags which are produced without a handle and used to cover the product inside.

Product Details

    • Bags generally used by the food industry provide confidence to the user by ensuring the hygiene understanding.
    • Logo and contact information can be printed on handleless single-ply SOS bottom bags with various color options.
    • SOS Bottom bags are produced from environmentally friendly papers stand out with their modern and elegant appearance
    • Takeaway bag for fast-food:  With our brown kraft, white kraft, recycled brown kraft, 60-100 gsm paper types, we produce printed-unprinted and non-handle bags for fast food restaurants.
    • SOS Flat and satchel bags:

Paper Type: Plain Shamua Kraft, Ribbed Shamua Kraft, White Sulphite, White Greaseproof Paper, Shamua Greaseproof Paper, Polyethylene Coated Paper, Polypropylene Coated Paper, Aluminum Coated Paper, up to 35gsm – 90gsm
Paper bags for bread, bakery and fast food products.
Single or double lined
Size Range:

Min. Width: 8 cm, Min. Gusset: 2.4 cm, Min. Length: 16 cm
Max. Width: 35 cm, Max. Gusset: 16 cm, Max. Length: 77 cm

    • SOS bags without handle:

Brown Kraft, White Kraft, Recycle Brown Kraft,  60 –80 gsm paper. We produce SOS Bags without handle for Fast Food, restaurant, pharmacy, accessory products, gift shops. These bags are recyclable.

Flexo printed or unprinted bags are within our product range.

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