Hamburger Box

Do you ever feel like that, although the quality of the box is great little touches need to be made to give the overall design a complete look?

If yes, then you would do everything to make the box appear captivating. But at times, the box manufacturers won’t let you mess around with the truly depressing design. But on a happier note, we at Atlas Export  give you complete reins of the design of the food & beverage boxes.

All you have to do is provide us with the design you believe is perfect for your hamburger or sandwich box. And we make sure that we imitate the design exactly so that you won’t have any complaints. However, may you face difficulty in developing unique designs, our team will help you without charging a dime.

We also make sure that the texture of the box is smooth as we know the appearance of the box is essential in grabbing the attention of your customers. So you can either have it glossed, matted, UV lamination, gloss UV, or whatever suits you the best. We can craft innumerable custom designs for your business.

Custom Fast food Packaging

Surely, every box requires a bit of embellishment and adornment to make it worth buying. Therefore, we at Atlas Export make sure that we offer stylish customizations that will boost up the sales of your food and beverage boxes. We provide you with coatings and printing techniques that will, in all cases, double your sales. Your customers will love the packaging to every bit. Both of these methods are highly tested in terms of client satisfaction. Therefore, we recommend them 100% to all our clients.

We offer two types of coatings, the gloss, and matte. The gloss coating is lustrous, and it shines in the light. Also, it covers the entire box in glossy and shimmery shades. People love glossy coating because of its attractive and eye-pleasing covering. Whereas the matte coating does not shine in the light, and it is dim and gleam. The matte coating serves its purpose in making custom printed food and beverage packaging amazingly beautiful without shine and sparkle.

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Above all, our customer care staff is always here to accompany our clients 24/7. We are here to answer your questions and queries all day and night. You can contact our hotline or By Whatsapp to know more about us. Choose Atlas Export to manufacture your food boxes wholesale, and you will love our services. Indeed, we will try our best to gratify our beloved customers.

Printing Techniques

The printing techniques available are offset and digital printing. The digital printing is all about the use of toners. It is suitable for printing boxes for basic purposes. However, offset printing is ideal for printing custom food boxes with logo. It may be a bit costly, but the cost can be saved by printing all the boxes at the same time. The use of high-quality rollers helps in spreading ink evenly on the complete box.

Moreover, CMYK and PMS color models are conceivable here. These color models help in adding more colors to your custom boxes. It is the best way to make sure that the boxes look innovative and radiant. CMYK is approachable when you require a smaller range of colors for your custom food packaging. We use it for the customers who would like one or two shades only. PMS is an expensive option, but you will be thrilled with the amazing results. PMS offers a wide range of colors to choose from. You can select the color that you like and let us know. Obviously, we do everything with your consent and choice. We must keep our customers satisfied.

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